NMUN Delegation

    Katja Dietze

    Physics BA

    For me, being part of this year's NMUN delegation is a huge opportunity. It's a chance to learn so much about how international politics work and maybe get some insight why it sometimes doesn't. It's a chance to meet new, amazing people and to have a lot of fun together. Last but not least, it's a chance to grow personally, to gain experience in a way that normally isn't possible, to learn and to improve myself. NMUN is a unique project definately worth taking part in!

    Leena Winkler

    3. Semester
    English & Political and Social Studies

    Being part of this year's delegation means a lot to me. I cannot wait to face the challenge and widen my current understanding of international politics. I really want to learn. Learn about the UN. Learn about the difficulty of practiced democracy and in the end learn how to make a difference for the better. "I am tomorrow what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday" James Joyce

    Zoe Huppertz

    3. Semester
    Political and Social Studies

    The UN have been criticized multiple times in the past, but nevertheless, I think it is important that there is an organization like the UN. Because in my opinion the most important aspect in international politics and relations is communication. And I think that is what the United Nations do every day. By giving countries that might not share the same values, beliefs and traditions a place to discuss and develop programmes. Programmes to make the world healthier, safer and more sustainable. And I would like to understand and experience the processes that lead to programmes like the Millennium Development Goals or the Sustainable Development Goals and how diplomats and ambassadors work.