NMUN Delegation

    Anne-Christin Karl

    3. Semester
    Special Education for physically handicapped children

    I found my way into the NMUN project by a small flyer on a pillar in my university. From the first second I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of being a part of such a big delegation. I want to learn more about international politics, the structure and the projects of the UN, the changes it tries to achieve and the general hardness to assert your own interests in the presence of such a big court. I was, and still am, a bit scared to discuss important political matters in front of thousands of other students in another language but the experience I would get are much more important than my little sheepishness. As a member of the fundraising team, I´m happy to be a part of the delegation. I´m looking forward to the following months and get to know each other better.

    Clarissa Neder

    3. Semester
    Politicial and Social Studies

    I consider NMUN a great opportunity to gain experience and to me, is not only about the UN, but also about learning. In addition to learning about UN-related topics, you get to learn what it means to be diplomatic in a way few ever get the chance to do so. You might represent the interests of a country that does not always share your personal beliefs, making it necessary for you to understand the reasons and motivations behind the position itself, allowing you not only to question and to confirm your own positions - but also to better understand the people who might disagree with you.

    Elisabeth Waldmann

    M. Sc. 3. Semester
    China Business and Economics

    Since my undergraduate studies, I have been highly interested in economics and international relations particularly regarding the United Nations. Through the participation in NMUN 2018, I want to advance my understanding of the work of the UN and its bodies on a practical level. Furthermore, I hope to get new inputs, impulses, approaches, and ways of thinking by working with and meeting students from other study fields and from all over the world.

    Frieder Gretzmacher

    3. Semester
    Political and Social Studies BA

    I'm participating because of my interest in learning by experiencing, also to widen my horizon in representing a foreign administration. I want to take the chance to get an exterior point of view on what is happening in worldwide politics.

    Simon Krause

    3. Semester, Master of Arts
    Political and Social Sciences

    Lately, many people around the world started questioning the importance of international organizations such as the United Nations. I believe they are and will be a significant pillar for future developments and an important asset when it comes to solving global problems. By participating in NMUN, I hope to learn more about how the UN works and how we can use this unique institution to improve peoples lives around the world.